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International Journal For Empirical Education and Research

Global Competition and Biotechnology Industry in Nigeria

By: Makeri M.S., Maigari N.M., Odumishi C., Kallah S.M, &Y.D. Jobbi | Posted on: 2018-02-28 23:58:05   Page 105-109

The biotechnology industry is a relatively new and distinct field that involve using living organism to produce desired product. This industry includes firms that develop, manufacture, and market pharmaceutical products, agricultural products, environmental control product, e.t.c. based on advanced biotechnology research. Although the growth in the global biotechnology industry neared double digits the past two years, the threat of entry into the market is weak due to high barriers to entry. The purpose of this review is to gain knowledge on global competition and biotechnology industries in different counties. By this we will get to know the competition rate and plan on how to improve on the biotechnology industry in Nigeria and the world at large. A proper understanding of global competition and biotechnology industries will give more room and also attract investors like government, government agencies Non-governmental organizations and individuals to strategically invest in biotechnology industries.

Competition; Biotechnology; Industry.

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