Submission Open for IJEER Volume-1, Number-10, October 2018 | Submission Deadline- 10 October, 2018

International Journal For Empirical Education and Research

Inclusive Curriculum Design: Application to Open Channel Hydraulics Module

By: Jaan Hui Pu | Posted on: 2018-01-31 20:57:30   Page 1-10

This study investigates an inclusive curriculum design based on student-centred approach. This proposed design approach has been applied to Open Channel Hydraulics module (CSE6008-A) at School of Engineering, University of Bradford, United Kingdom. This paper will introduce in step-by-step manner the full curriculum design and how the student-centred approach is being adapted in each step of the design. The required criteria will be designed based on learning outcomes design, curriculum organization, assessment strategies and student achievement evaluation. Besides, a key discussion will also be allocated for the inclusive practice that allows the vastly diverse student group to benefit from this approach, and a separate section will also be utilized to fully discuss this inclusive approach in the proposed curriculum design. This paper proposes a useful student-centred curriculum design concept, which is adaptable for different engineering modules.

Inclusive Curriculum Design; Open Channel Hydraulics; Learning Outcomes; Curriculum Organization; Assessment; Student Evaluation

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